is a British-Chinese artist and filmmaker based in LA.



Yvonne is an artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory, having received funding and support from Fulbright, BAFTA Los Angeles, American Association for University Women, P.E.O. International and AFI.

Yvonne was raised by a fiery single mother in a post-industrial, working class district of London made up primarily of immigrant communities. Her work focuses on the diasporic experience, exploring the ways in which race and migration shape identity, belonging and power. Her goal is to create modern myths and folktales for immigrants, often combining live action and animation to tread the line between social realism, visual poetry and dream logic.

Yvonne’s work finds hope in our often alienating, fractured and globalized world in fleeting moments of human connection. She believes there to be power and grace in the smallest acts of care—and it is this belief that forms the foundation of her stories.


  • 2021 CARRION, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Production Award
  • 2021 CARRION, Shore Scripts Top 5 Finalist
  • 2021 CARRION, Screencraft Semifinalist
  • 2020 BAFTA Los Angeles Hunter Foundation Scholarship
  • 2020 AAUW International Fellowship
  • 2020 AFI David Geffen Fellowship
  • 2020 BETTER RAINFALL, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Installation Programme Selection
  • 2019 Fulbright All Disciplines Award
  • 2019 BAFTA Los Angeles Hunter Foundation Scholarship
  • 2019 P.E.O. International Peace Scholar
  • 2019 BETTER RAINFALL, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Intermedia Programme Exhibition and Grant
  • 2019 NEVER ACTUALLY LOST (Editor), Underwire Film Festival, Nominated Best Editing
  • 2019 Encounters Film Festival, Widening the Lens
  • 2018 Scottish Film Talent Network, Scottish Shorts
  • 2017 Edinburgh International Television Festival, The Network
  • 2017 HONEY, Cinepoems, 2nd Jury Prize
  • 2016 University of Edinburgh, English Literature Play Award Grant for MARY BARNES
  • 2014 University of Edinburgh, Erasmus Grant for year-long study at Freie Universität Berlin
  • 2013 University of Edinburgh, Class Award in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
  • 2010 Futureversity, www! Grant Winner